Choosing the right clothes for exercise

When going to exercise, we not only need to prepare for physical performance just like adequate health conditions, eat and drink enough before sports and so forth. One of the other supporting things that have a very important but often overlooked role is the suitability of the clothing used. Someone has to make the right sportswear selection so they can feel comfortable and free to move while doing sports. So how is the selection of good sportswear? And what kind of fabric is said exactly? The following article will discuss it clearly.

Selection of clothing materials

Exercise is one form of physical activity that is measurable and structured, involving physical and psychological activity and using intense body movements. Movements performed in this sport will certainly increase body temperature significantly so to compensate for the body will release some heat through sweat. One of the main functions of sportswear selection is to absorb sweat well and keep the body moist so that one can exercise comfortably.

When exercising with high environmental temperatures, the process of evaporation of sweat becomes a very important fundamental thing. The clothing used should have a high absorption level to sweat and can evaporate body heat through the pores of the fabric. Physical exercise at high temperatures using thick clothing or not absorbing sweat will cause the body heat is difficult to evaporate so that the body will exercise with high body temperature. In addition to causing sultry, exercising with high body temperature also makes it easier to feel tired.

Therefore, when going to exercise choose clothes that can absorb sweat well and have loose pores. In the market, too many sports wears are made of cotton. This type of material is able to absorb sweat well but cannot vaporize again quickly so that it lasts longer on the fabric fibers and because it feels heavier when worn. One example of a good type of sportswear is a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex. The combination of this material is the result of the development of sports science and technology. In addition to supporting physical performance, the combination of these three ingredients has proven to be better than cotton-only clothing.

Selection of Allowance for Clothing

In addition to the selection of material types, leisure sports clothing are also becoming one of the other important things that must be considered. In practice, there are groups of people who like to wear tight sports outfits, some also like to wear loose clothing, then tight or loose sports clothing is best?

The choice of these clothing allowances is actually subjective, adjustable to the type of exercise performed and the wearer’s comfort. For sports such as running and cycling, do not use loose clothing to avoid injury. The use of loose clothing during cycling can pose a risk of pants stuck on the pedal, then for running sport is also not recommended to use loose clothing because the run involving a very dynamic body movement, would be very difficult when using loose clothing.

Furthermore, for strict sportswear enthusiasts, please note that the clothes are not too tight on the joints. This will affect the flexibility in moving. Especially for the types of sports that require body flexibility such as pilates or yoga.

Selection of women’s clothing

For women, there are several important components that must be prepared related to sportswear. First is to use a sports bra. This is important to maintain the safety and comfort of women while exercising. In addition to supporting flexibility, sports bras also provide more protection on the breast.

Furthermore, for Muslim women who wear hijab, it is recommended to use the hijab with a simple model and minimal use of needles. Also make sure the selection of veil material can absorb sweat well and not slippery, so when you exercise you do not have to busy fixing the veil many times because of its position shifted.

Choosing clothes for fitness is important, but equally important is the selection of fitness support supplements; you can click for information about it.